How To Find Great Investment Properties In Today’s Market

How To Find Great Investment Properties In Today’s Market

“I GOT IT!” is usually the exact words that most people utter to themselves once they are done with the first three chapters in Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad book. I would be the first to admit that he had my young entrepreneurial spirit bouncing off the walls. Where most seem to fail after the money bliss fades away, is that its not a blueprint to success, but a kick in the butt to get you on the field and create your own story for the world.

Now days it takes a seasoned investor to find the good properties from the bad ones. When it come to looking for a potential investment property, most Realtors and investors look through a common search engine, MLS, also known as the MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE. Don’t get meslick cash loanĀ  wrong, the MLS is great for analyzing the markets activity, but if everybody is searching for that “great” deal on the same search engine, than that would only increase the level of competition and it would leave very little margin or supporting comparable sales.

When I was on the market looking for my first investment property. I expected the real estate agent that I hired to go beyond the typical sources that agents use to find homes. his approach was so bland, I decided to go with the hot shot broker in my city that did not have the best reputation for ethics. I figured with his slick ways, he would have a best source to locate homes than most real estate brokers in my city. So when it was time for me to meet with him at his office, WHAT DOES HE HAND ME? A big stack of properties that he sporadically searched for on the MLS.

Now that my company is currently involved with wholesaling fix & flip and cash flow properties, the best way to search for great investment properties is to go find them yourself. Oh no! Don’t worry because the property that you would come across will most likely be off the market (NO MLS), so you don’t have the stress to compete or bid against other buyers, there is no credit check (FOR CASH BUYERS), no Realtor commissions, and best of all, no timely loan process that develops in lost of time and money.

Try to find the local investors in your area that label themselves as wholesalers, they would go beyond the standard way to find a property that would fit your criteria with little to no money charged. I wish you much success!

Brandon McClure invites you to his company’s web page, explaining in detail on how to invest in real estate, and to help families sell their home in a quick and professional manner.

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