immune system

immune system

Everyone that has ever tried to diet has had cravings. Sometimes you just need something sweet or crunchy. And if you cannot have potato chips, candy bars, or ice cream it can be so frustrating. Thankfully, there is an affordable solution that is available at every grocery store. It is not is not with the health foods and does not involve expensive pandemic? and potentially dangerous over the counter drugs. Simply stop by the produce section. Fruit is nature’s candy, especially when you are avoiding any other candy!

The health benefits of fruits can include vitamins A, C and E to help protect your body from disease and improving your immune system. The natural fiber and roughage found in most fruits can act as a laxative to help digestion. The fiber also has the added benefit of being unable to be digested by your body. Meaning it will not break down so you will feel fuller for longer periods of time. Phytochemicals in fruits can reduce your chances for cell damage which can help you age more slowly and protect against cancer. People who regularly eat fruit also have fewer heart attacks, strokes, and even fewer cases of Alzheimer’s.

With all of these health benefits it is easy to see why people may want to eat more fruit. But can an apple really be a substitute for a piece of candy?

Think of fruits you enjoy and be sure to keep them in the house. Apples, oranges, grapes, pears, plums, and bananas are available year round at most grocery stores. Whenever you have a craving for something sweet, reach for the fruit bowl rather than the freezer.

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