Using Online Freight Service

Using Online Freight Service

Getting an accurate online freight quote may seem to be challenging. But in getting a quotation for courier services through the Internet, you just need to be prepared with the correct package measurement and shipping details. You need to supply all the information needed in the automated processing of quotations that courier companies use.

In many cases, people end up surprised when the courier company shows up and informs them that their shipment will cost much more than the quotation they got online. Oftentimes, this is because some consignment details, usually dimensions or weight, are not accurate.

Dimensions of a package to be shipped are generally rounded off to the nearest inch or centimeter. Be sure to confirm this with your courier company. jasa angkut terdekat  A single unit of difference in measurement can cost you substantially, particularly if you’re sending an oversized package or one that has irregular dimensions.

Together with accurate dimensions, the weight of your package should also be precise. Since most homes do not have those industrial scales that courier companies use, a bathroom scale would do for estimation of a package less than 400 lbs. Otherwise, you would have to call the courier company for weighing. Please take note that the weight needed in a freight quote includes not just the item to be shipped, but also all the packaging materials – bubble wraps, packaging peanuts, box, etc.

Accuracy in the dimensions and weight of your package is critical, since this would determine how the courier company would classify your package – if it is standard or non-standard. The latter normally would entail higher rates. Sometimes, this is also a basis for determining how much discount will be given for your shipment or if it does qualify for any discount at all.

Another detail that some people overlook is the pick-up location. Mistake in this information may not particularly cost you money, but it may delay shipment pick-up and cause hassle on your part and on the courier’s. Needless to say, the destination address should also be correct to make sure that your shipment goes to your intended receiver.

You’ll also be asked of the date and time when you prefer the shipment to be picked up. Be sure that on your stated pick-up date and time you’re present and that your shipment is properly packed already.

You should remember that online freight quote services were made to make things easier and more convenient for you. You should not be intimidated by them. All it takes is to ensure you get all your details right in the electronic consignment form and ask the company if you find any detail or procedure unclear.

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